Open Wide…What’s Inside?

What’s inside is more about the book, more about those Sugarbugs and more about how to look after your teeth!

About the Book

Open Wide…What’s Inside? was first printed in 2012…..but Alex’s tale about naughty Sugarbugs had been around for much longer.

Alex had used the story for years, trying to explain to all her little patients why they needed to brush their teeth and to help their parents with the daily struggle of getting them to do it.

When she had her own children, Alex saw how much they loved their rhyming bedtime stories and how they remembered them so well. She wrote a story about Revolting Rotters for her children so that they could have their own story, explaining to them what she did at work every day.

Knowing that her sister-in-law, Helen, was a frustrated artist, Alex suggested that she bring the Sugarbugs to life and use her creations to advertise her skill as an illustrator. Quite by accident, Open Wide…What’s Inside? was created.

3 sizes Available:

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210mm2, paperback £5 + P&P – large size, perfect for a bedtime story.

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420mm2, ringbound £30 + P&P – extra large size, for reading to large groups, practice waiting room etc.

142mm2, paperback RRP £2.50 – small size, designed for giftbags and promotions. Please contact directly via the message section for wholesale order prices.

Open Wide…what’s inside the book?

Open Wide…is the story of the Sugarbugs that live in your mouth. If you leave them your leftovers, they have some revolting habits that make your breath smelly and put your teeth in danger.

Using rhyme and yucky words that kids love, Open Wide…aims to explain why parents nag about toothbrushing. Hopefully then children will be a little more willing to brush and there will be fewer bathroom battles!

‘Stoke on Trent celebrity and #KeepStokeSmiling supporter reads Open Wide…What’s Inside? to help the UHNM dental health campaign started by Consultant Orthodontist, Karen Juggins.’

Meet The Characters


Everyone's mouth is full of Sugarbugs - and most of the time we don't notice they are there. But leave them some sugar and they get a little overexcited, eat too much and then.....
Find out what these revolting rotters get up to once their tummies are full!

The Dentist

Many adults are scared of the dentist and this is often passed on to children.
Open Wide...explains what a dentist does to help you to look after your own teeth and that they are there to care for you.

Alex Rushworth

Alex Rushworth qualified as a dentist in 1997 at the University of Sheffield.
Since then she has worked in the North East of England, in general practice, Newcastle Dental Hospital and the Community Dental Service.
In 2015, she returned to Newcastle Dental Hospital as a Clinical Trainer in Paediatric Dentistry teaching on both the dentistry and hygiene/therapy courses.

A Story About

Cleaning your teeth

It's really difficult to explain why brushing your teeth is so important. Open Wide...What's Inside? aims to make those reasons funny and memorable so that children want to brush - and enjoy doing it.

Going to the dentist

For some people, going to the dentist has become something to worry about. Open Wide...What's Inside? tells you how to look after your teeth at home and why going to the dentist regularly is easy - and important.

What you eat and drink

Have fun reading this book with your children. Talk about what they eat and drink and explain why the Sugarbugs like some things more than others. When sweets and treats mean more Sugarbug poo, it makes it easier for children to understand why parents make certain choices.


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